Accounting Master Software for Windows 10

Batch file renamer software for Windows 10

Super Calculator 8 software for Windows 10

WWWmaster web page design software for Windows 10

Install Phto Filter Factory image software for Windows 10

The bad new, we have dropping support for other Windows systems, with usage rapidly dropping.
All new software upgrades will now be provided only for the 500 million plus system that are now
running Windows 10.

Reason Why ?

1. Various virus killers kept removing our software due to false virus reading.

2. Too many Hijack versions of our software on other sites with spyware, adware and other badware.

3. Setup fails on certain systems for no reason.

4. Software had to be installed and kept running in Admin mode or else the installation will crash and burn.

5. Other software will now, not directly or indirectly damage our software.

6. Windows 10s is a closed system only Microsoft approved software can be installed on them.

7. Software didn't upgrade right.

8. No more messy license keys.

The Good News,

Ezyware Software and the Microsoft engineering teams have engage in rewriting all our old software to
perform with 100% trust on Windows 10 environments with a cleaner experience.

All our Windows 10 software is Microsoft approved and can be directly be download and installed from
the Microsoft center.

Government and other restricted corporate system can now have access to our great updated collection..

Unwanted software can be completely removed without a trace, with just the right click of the mouse

Ezyware Software

Accounting Master Pro

Batch File Renamer 8

Super Calculator 8

Software Exclusively for Windows 10

WWWmaster 2.51

Photo Filter Factory 16

For a very limited time former and past users, using the latest upgraded copy of Window 10 can get
a fully Free licensed Windows 10 version of our software directly for Microsoft free of charge..

*Offer for a Free full licensed version can be withdrawn at any time...

Develope Database Software for Windows with this Software Development Kit

Database Designer SDK