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Accounting Master 9 Pro

Screen shot of accounting master Journal entry editor

Journal Editor :

Trial Balance Screen Shot

Trial Balance :

Screen shop of setting up Accounting master chart of accounts

Setting Account :

Putting simplicity back into accounting software, making any accounting tasks possible.

Straight forward user interface design.
Pure double entry accounting
No long training cycles and tricky learning curves.
Grows with business demands.
Freely layout up to 32,000 accounts and sub accounts.
Enter up to 10,000,000 compound journal entries.
Reconciliation of each and every journal entry.
Desktop based no cloud computing
Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 compatible

T-Accounts :

Screen shot of accounting master T-Accounts

Income Statement :

Screen shot of accounting master income statement

Screen shot of accounting master balance sheet

Balance Sheet :

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Why use Accounting Master?

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Accounting Master is a note book for accounting. A user who has done accounting in high school or
any other higher learning will know straight away how it can be used to develop a set of accounts.

Using the principal of (Assets = Liabilities + Equity) 

The power of accounting master allows the user to enter any style, type of account and sub account
with custom identity numbers to suit the need of the accounting project.

Each account can be Debited and Credited to the user custom need with total Flexibility and freedom.
while most other accounting software can only offer a set of lockdown wizards where new accounts 
cannot be added or change unless upgraded. Alternative to this is to create a bunch of confusing 
set of multiple spreadsheet.

Accounting Master makes a divide between the spreadsheet and the main stream accounting software.

Follow data from one ledger to another, tracing each movements from start to finish with a few clicks.

The Accounting Master software consists of one file, uses no third party libraries and frameworks and
doesn't need to be installed and can be copied from one computer to the next in a trial format.

This explains why Accounting Master is a must have tool for every accountant and student 
studying accounting, update the accounts and not the software.