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Do I pay a one time license fee ?                        

Licenses are not transferable but YES it is a one off payment only.
(Please make sure you make a solid backup (CD-Rom) of the
licensed version and record registered name and serial number.)                        

Are upgrades free ?                        

Yes all upgrades are free and readily accessible anytime.                        

Are there system limits ?                        

Accounting Master is a very solid product and will work on most
Windows™ systems within in their limits.          

Accounting Master is a specialist accounting tool and has a small
market space and does not compare with other accounting
products, sorry but we cannot offer any discounts.             

Refund Policy :                                

Try it 100% before buying, All sales are final.                   

On starting, Accounting Master will initially create a basic set of US
accounts. These accounts can be all adjust or removed to suite
the country of origin.                     

Loss of this information will require a re-purchase.                    

Is there a multiple user version ?             

There are 3 different version BASIC, PRO with extra reports and
functionality and COMMERCIAL which is a multiple user version..             

Can I get a discount ?             

Which country accounts are used ?                        

It downloaded fine, but when I tried to open it, the following
error message appeared: INTERNAL ERROR B110-8: CAN NOT
DECOMPRESS BOOT0409.DLL             

Problem Installing!             

By using the right mouse button on the Setup file, use the
'Run as Admin' menu option to install..